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Sensational New Crimetime Orchestra Project Presents Original Norwegian Contemporary Symphony

Crimetime Orchestra

13-03-2009 13:02

Featuring 75 Musicians + Sonny Simmons as Guest Soloist

This 2-CD set was recorded live at the Oslo international jazzfestival 2007 is simply nothing less than fantastic!...and very unlikely to happen at all... Imagine the Norwegian “all-star" outfit CRIMETIME ORCHESTRA in its maximum far.. expanded to a 14 piece Rocking / wild / Grooving and beautifully diverse outfit that featured the following musicians that somehow managed to take charge and control the development of the event that resulted in more then 100 minutes of continues music that is a indescribably exiting and adventurous concert from start to finish. With structured wild sections mixed with total freedom and beautiful arranged moody parts. It turned out that the choice of having the great conductor/arranger ERLEND SKOMSVOLL in charge of conducting the big symphonyorchestra and act as the in between guy for CRIMETIME ORCHESTRA was perfect and the level of communication we managed to achieve with 52 classical musicians on the spot was no less then magical in brutal force and dynamics ranging from total silence to the awesome huge sound we achieved in other parts..AND we had the great fortune of having the great alto saxplayer SONNY SIMMONS playing as a wilcard with total freedom to play whatever he felt whenever he wanted...Listen to the way he just dives straight in and out at the right moments and how he manage to naturally blend in with everything that goes on around him--I think his playing on these CDs are beyond any meaningful description--its simply fantastic throughout and full of energy and exiting musical ideas, and all improvised on the spot... he had just turned 74 the week before the concert but had no problems playing long passages with high voltage energy...and he played some indescribably pretty passages also...i think Sonny Simmons contributions and fantastic playing was a big part of the big success the cocert turned out to be...

As far as i know nothing like this music has been presented live anywhere..or in studio for that matter...not with this kind of crazy mix of so many unlikely elements...

The CRIMETIME ORCHESTRA expanded unit personell for the “ATOMIC SYMPHONY":

Vidar Johansen, barisax...Jon Klette, altosax
Kjetil Møster, ten/sopsax...Gisle Johansen, tensax
Sjur Miljeteig, trumpet...Ivind Brekke, trombone
Hild Sofie Fafjord, french horn/live sampling / electronic effects/ noise
anders hana, guitar/ electronics/noise
Bugge Wesseltoft, piano / synth / live sampling & effects
Mats Eilertsen, elbass, moog filter
Ingebrigt Haaker flaten, elbass basssynth 6 effects
Per Zanussi, elbass / wah wah effects / noise
Per Oddvar Johansen, drums/perc/ekectronic effects
Paal Nilssen-Love, drums/perc

+ Sonny Simmons as guest soloist

+ 65 musicians from the national norwegian radio symphonyorchestra

All music composed by Vidar Johansen & Jon Klette
All arrangements by Vidar Johansen & Erlend Skomsvoll
Conducted by Erlend Skomsvoll
Recorded live 94 tracs by Nrk Remote Facilities
Produced by Jon Klette 6 Jazzaway Records

Will be released 15th April 2009

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